The RM UK discusses racism

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Distant, but close. Our ideas are what unite us. Our life experiences, the cultural baggage of each one of us are what has brought us thus far, to meet each other. Our souls are moved by a single purpose: to promulgate the Declaration of Human Rights and to ensure that its universal articles, more than seventy years after their writing, they are always observed and put into practice.

The topic of yesterday’s (virtual) monthly meeting of the Roosevelt Movement UK was the analysis of the recent global demonstrations and protests against racism. Although this issue is unfortunately still a sore wound in our modern society, to truly understand what happened in Minneapolis, U.S. one should take into account first and foremost police brutality, which in the United States has too dense a history.

To have a more complete picture of the issue, it would be necessary to start a debate that includes statistics of course, but also local laws (for example, gun ownership), recent history, and how to manage feelings such as the fear of difference and the anguish of loss of one’s culture. A complex argument therefore, which requires a careful and painstaking analysis.

The Roosevelt Movement wants to be part of that debate. Our aim is to teach people how to develop critical thinking towards everything that happens in the world. Never as nowadays society has been in need of attentive citizens who know how to painstakingly distil all the information that reaches them every day, and from that how to protect their dignity.

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