The practice of Ideas

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In the magma of mass-media that inevitably permeates and governs our turbulent lives of passionate multicellular organisms, I allow myself to write on this blog to give a sign of my existence, if only to honour the famous 15 minutes of popularity that AW encouraged to give ourselves in order to finally feel part of a futuristic offspring of pseudo-intellectuals/pseudo-politics/pseudo-spiritualists, namely a whole new race of do-it-yourself hominids that everything knows (hearsay), and everything forgets.
Looking at it carefully, the reason is simple and well valid, and it sits in how our brain works. When our brain receives information, it processes it according not only to the degree of emotion that the brain experiences, but also to the physical involvement, and that is to say according to the undertaken action that lays in the origin of the information itself. Giordano Bruno knew it well: Being (intended as body, research, observation) + Mind (intended as knowledge, intuition) = Memory. This means that the couch at home isn’t a good place to stimulate our memory, and even to understand the reason why, even though we read an excellent book, the world outdoor perpetuates its movement in an obstinate spiritual decadence, rolling in a permanent grief from which we seem distant and distracted (as we are indeed absorbed by the reading of our book).
In return, however, we can take delight in writing thoughts and/or comments on those written by others, launching ourselves into acts of defence or offense, declaiming virtues in a renewed desire of being there at all costs, and this is thanks to the high level of technology available today, making our intellectual appetite and our ego duly fulfilled. And that’s it. Those 15 minutes can thus become even 150 or 1500 but it does not matter, as a matter of fact, what counts is “being there”. Therefore, let’s carry on with the books and the sofa, with afternoon talk-shows and political parades on TV, let’s carry on with fine sentences and impressive slogans. There is a space for everyone out there, and everyone will take his own space, since according to rumours it is infinite. Everything is absorbed, digested and metabolised in the mirage of a lush pop-cultural oasis where we cheerfully stop over waiting for another ‘Send’.
Today anyone debates about politics, but who has ever been in a Parliament or just in the Council of the town where we live..? we talk about war, but who has ever been in Syria ..? we often talk about supranational powers, but who has ever met one of these characters and had a chat with them ..? Personally speaking, I have never done anything of the above.. Yet I debate, write, think … ergo sum? I do not think so.
Well, the ideas are the ideas, it is extremely important to have them and to express them, but in my opinion there is a ‘but’ further on. At some point of the existential journey that each of us undertakes more or less spontaneously, this ‘but ‘ appears as a doubt that limits the action of thought, which is beyond the essence of its appearance, in a less contingent level and more rarefied consciousness, something that is missing in all this debating, reacting, denouncing and believing, which to me is nothing but the direct experience of things.
I now feel a sharp distinction between knowledge and experience, in an illusion of purposes that causes unhappiness and arrogance, subdued as we are by the domain of a superficiality that makes us deaf to our duties of men worthy of being called with this name. In my view, we should focus the efforts and the time we have “doing” more than “talking”, devoting the energies in a more practical field that acts as a stimulus and example for anyone who wishes to feel part of an emancipation work as it is, for example, being part of this Movement.
I believe that in the context of the civil complaint the Roosevelt Movement is making about the current system, there is a fascination and a strength that can be considered innovative for the individuals seeking the truth, first of all inside themselves, for those who want to promote human experiences designed to trace a future with the signs of an irrepressible desire. I really hope that to anyone working for an improvement in the living conditions on this earth, will be given the opportunity to personally experience the change and apply a rule of brotherhood and solidarity.



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