The Hanging Peace

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Wandering the web looking for articles and food for thought, it is harder and harder not to notice the level of concern that many voices, even authoritative, express regarding the growing investments in weapons that the biggest world’s States are carrying out, in a warlike escalation which has recently strengthened up to reaching a point of a total 1.7 billion dollars in 2015 (give or take a penny or two..), equal to 2.3% of global GDP, according to SIPRI data.
Reading these numbers, it is remarkably evident the terrible situation of chronic failure of the industrial-political-financial system, revealed through a cultural model which is unhistorical and socially failing. The intellectual and spiritual myopia of many men of power express its dictum in the inability of going beyond the limit of a mere conquest of material goods and power, purely earthly dogmas that impede the elevation to a state of higher understanding. That man proves to have lost his role of evolved human being, getting naked in front of his own counterparts from whom he departs to become their judge and sometimes their master. The positive impulse for the promotion and preservation of earthly life appears as a fragile mirage that does not dazzle anymore, which does not allow us to be ‘modern’ as our government requires from us.
The UK is planning to spend 178 billion pounds in armaments over the next 10 years, especially in technological researches based on a nuclear defense program considered cutting edge for the economy and the national security. As previously mentioned, this growing investment in the field of war that every year becomes more and more evident and exasperating, not only is the evidence of a will to persevere in a dangerous game of arrogance and geo-political virility entirely centered on unstable democratic principles, but it also stands as an obstacle to the achievement of well-being and freedom of individuals, a price that today’s rulers do not seem to consider sufficient to stop this lucid madness.
Drawing inspiration from the countless metamorphoses of which the distinguished Prime Minister Mrs May has been the main character in his political life (see the change of direction from Remainer to Brexiter, to quote a recent example), the current Conservative government in charge, of which everything can be said except that it is not encouraging the circulation of money and investments, could for example reverse the above plan and focus those efforts investing in areas that consider the use of its citizens skills.
Education and research, national health, renewable energies, waste collection and recycling, families and social sustaining, are just a few points that would make Mrs May a postmodern icon to show off as a model of democracy and foresight.
And even going beyond, if in an enthusiasm of generosity and wisdom Mrs May wished to give a very high signal of change, what the above mentioned indecent investment could do is to set free from hunger millions of people around the world and ensure their survival in better living conditions. It has been calculated that the figure to eradicate hunger in the world is worth 13% of the overall investment in armaments, and then about 220 billion dollars, that as per today’s exchange rate correspond to 175 billion pounds, ‘only’ 4 less than the military investment which Great Britain is preparing to implement.
I am convinced that with some good will Mrs May Government could also find the resources to fully cover the expenditure required, and to ensure that the country had a right to reclaim the original meaning of his name: ENGEL (Angel in Anglo-Saxon) + LAND = Land of Angels.

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