painting source: Roberth Reich

The Return of John Maynard Keynes and Federico Caffè

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We would like to offer our community with some food for thought.

Thanks to those economists and freethinkers like Nino Galloni and Domenico de Simone (who are true to what they believe to be right, as opposed to working in the interest of big corporations) Italy is now becoming a beacon of light for the return of those economic theories, developed by J.M. Keynes and Federico Caffe’, which have proved to be capable of creating a wealthier and yet just society for all.
The truth is that the Roosevelt Movement is not only interested in spreading and re-vamping these ideas in the Italian context. In fact, there is a need to re-launch socio-liberal ideas both at an European and Global levels.
Rumors has it that the Roosevelt Movement’s presidency is now organizing a conference, possibly to be held in London at the London Metropolitan University , that will host some of the most regarded personalities of the socio-liberal network including Nino Galloni, Domenico de Simone, Gioele Magaldi and the free thinker Giulietto Chiesa together with other eminent economists.
The aim of this prestigious event is that of discussing the importance that the ideas and theories of J.M.Keynes and Federico Caffe’ had in the 20th century and how much they can be used to steer the 21st century’s economy towards the creation of a fairer and wealthier society for all.

painting source: Roberth Reich

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