POWER GAMES: How power is created and maintained.

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We live in a complex, post-democratic world where media and political parties (both left and right wing ones) are aligned with the neoliberal, financial worldview and where the only resistance comes from the internet and from populist movements that do not posses the knowledge and tools to promote any true, viable and alternative policies to the neoliberal regime.

Politics is often used, together with media, to shape public opinion, divide, or create consensus where and when needed, with one objective: discredit politics and build a popular demand for strong, autocratic and private interventions.

Rather than diving between impotent and untruthful political parties, the democratic forces need to unite and fight back the anti-democratic involution the western world is undertaking. In order to be able to fight back, people need to develop an understanding of how power is created, managed and hidden from most people.

Gioele Magaldi and Giulietto Chiesa, even if coming from different political paths, will join their forces and explain who the real players in the power game truly are.

Note: The event will be held in Italian and a video with English subtitles with full translation will soon be released.

London Metropolitan University, Thomas Room, 10.03.2017

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