Pino Cabras to join the panellists of the debate “A Rooseveltian New Deal for Italy and Europe” – London, 30th March 2019

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Pino Cabras has confirmed his partecipation in the debate “A New Rooseveltian Deal for Italy and Europe”, the event promoted by the Roosevelt Movement UK, which will take place in London on Saturday 30th March 2019.

A journalist and a politician, Cabras was born in January 1968 in Lanusei in the province of Nuoro, Sardinia. Currently a member of the XVIII legislature for the Five Star Movement, Cabras is also a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee and of the Finance Committee of the Chamber of Deputies.

A graduate in political science, Cabras has also been a financial analyst. He is co-director of the website and editor of the Pandora TV web channel.

Cabras is the author of numerous articles and books in which he expresses his critical views regarding the foreign policy of many countries linked to the U.S. In his writings, Cabras draws links between the contemporary international political situation and the existence of a strategy of tension applied globally (for instance, he links the wars that dominated the 2000s with 9/11 in the U.S.) aimed at expanding the political-economic sphere of power of the ruling classes of the U.S.

With the event “A Rooseveltian New Deal for Italy and Europe”, the Roosevelt Movement is gearing up to send a message to all European people: defend democratic institutions from the economic recipes of neo-liberalism, explaining to citizens that it is necessary that the economy returns to serve again the interests of the community. The economic paradigms proposed by the neo-liberal and neo-aristocratic media regime are seriously flawed; today, we need a “capitalism with a human guise”, where the freedom of business and investment is accompanied by policies of employment and sustainable development, and, above all, we need capable and courageous economists able to provide politics with the tools necessary to put the economy back at people’s service. This is the Roosevelt Movement’s mission, which on 30th March will bring together in London authoritative international figures within the fields of politics and economy to discuss the subject in a free and courageous way.

See you all on Saturday 30th March (2.30pm to 8pm) at the Fyvie Hall at the University of Westminster, Regent Campus! Here’s the link to purchase a ticket: Or, drop us an email at

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