– Updates from London #11: UK BLM: A conversation with Ethel Tambudzai

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Black Lives Matter protests around the UK led to the replacement of Edward Coulston statue in Bristol with the one emulating Black Life Matters protester, Jen Reid. It is fair to say that the movement is the largest civil rights movement of this century.

This global decentralised movement started with the hashtag #blacklivesmatter; it has mobilised millions of activists around the world through protests, holding corporates to account, and a strong branding identity.

How does the reality of the UK align with the BLM messaging? What are the drivers for the UK BLM protests? The call for statues, decolonising the curriculum and a call for the private sector to do better with representation; will Black Lives Matter really shake the old world order?

We’ll discuss all these questions and more with Ethel Tambudzai, co-founder of Sonaaar, a platform connecting black communities around the world.

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