– Updates from London #10: UK: Did Russia interfere with the EU referendum?

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After a nine-month delay, the Russia report investigating the Kremlin’s reach into UK politics and drafted by the UK parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee, has finally been published. The results: the UK government “badly underestimated” the threat posed by Russia and the response it required. The report also argues that the government made no effort to investigate interference by Russia in the 2016 EU referendum. What evidence is this report based upon? News about Russian meddling also took centre stage following Trump’s victory at the 2016 US presidential election. British novelist Ian Fleming once said: “Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action”. Can the same be said with regards to Russia? Did they really meddle in these elections? We will discuss this and try to find answers with independent reporter and author, Leni Remedios.

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