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Everyone wear a mask, otherwise they are in trouble. It sounds like the plot of an episode of the “Black Mirror” saga, and frankly I see a lot of darkness in it.

Reality has officially gone beyond fiction, although I think there is little to be happy about. Social media users have started showing off the most colorful and varied masks (are they at least up to standard? No idea…), fashion brands that have started adding masks to their seasonal collections so that the new look is cool and trendy. Even Hollywood celebrities have started admonishing their followers to wear masks …..and saying that they will take offense if you don’t wear them (otherwise they might stop speaking to you!).

Are we sure that the masks actually work? The surgical ones certainly do; as for the colored ones, in various fabrics, all inlaid with frills, quotes, maxims and so on and so forth, I sincerely have my doubts. Protecting yourself with a mask from a virus about which we know very little, the most common symptoms of which are statistically – without even doing it on purpose – not actually having symptoms, makes it seem more symbolic than useful.

We are witnessing, whilst comfortably sitting in the front row, ‘the phenomenology of power’ (quot.), namely how power symbolically signals a change of pace and announces a new era. What does this new era look like? An age in which everyone must wear a gag, in which freedom of speech is limited and we just have to nod, keep walking and obeying. If you divert from the one dominant discourse, the punishment is ostracism or a public reprimand.

Don’t you believe me? Recent news: J.K. Rowling, one of the greatest living writers, had dared to tweet that there is a precise term to define those to whom the menstrual cycle occurs: women. She was immediately annihilated by social media for having simply affirmed…the truth. But if reality (biology) goes against everyone’s free will to choose their own sex and sexuality, then that let’s ban too! Denying reality has become a new collective hobby.

Another question arises: do the rules used to prevent Covid-19 from spreading actually work? It seems like the virus doesn’t spread over two meters, or maybe it does. Excuse me, but didn’t you also say that the virus is airborne? Then, how about you agree with each other and don’t send out any mixed messages before telling us what to do?

In the meantime, everyone wear a mask, the new fetish of a society in which having a gag is a must, in which interpersonal exchanges are no longer allowed and everyone must maintain safety distance from others.

Nothing left to do but accept reality as it is, or make your voice heard and demand a better, normal future.

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