Ilaria Bifarini to take part in “A Rooseveltian New Deal for Italy and Europe” – London, 30th March 2019

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Ilaria Bifarini will take part in “A New Rooseveltian Deal for Italy and Europe”, the debate chaired by the Roosevelt Movement UK, which will take place in London on Saturday 30th March 2019.

Born in 1980, Bifarini graduated with honours in 2004 in Economics of Public Administration and International Organisations at the Luigi Bocconi University in Milan; she, then, enriched her education with a master’s degree in Diplomatic Studies achieved at the Italian School for International Organisations in Rome and a course on Liberalism at the Luigi Einaudi Institute in Rome.

A chartered accountant and auditor, after a decade of professional experience mainly in the public and training sectors, Bifarini gradually began to drift away from the strictly neo-liberal approach that had been imposed on her during her studies. This process is narrated in her first book published in 2017 and entitled “Neo-liberalism and mass manipulation – Story of a redeemed Bocconi student”, in which Bifarini unmasks the neo-liberal deception. One year later, Bifarini publishes her second book, “The colonists of austerity. Africa, neo-liberalism and mass migration”, in which she analyses the causes of the current migration phenomenon through a novel and till-then unknown interpretation.

Bifarini currently works with various blogs and newspapers, including Scenarieconomici and Il Primato Nazionale. She also frequently guests at conferences and on TV programmes.

With the event “A Rooseveltian New Deal for Italy and Europe”, the Roosevelt Movement is gearing up to send a message to all European people: defend democratic institutions from the economic recipes of neo-liberalism, explaining to citizens that it is necessary that the economy returns to serve again the interests of the community. The economic paradigms proposed by the neo-liberal and neo-aristocratic media regime are seriously flawed; today, we need a “capitalism with a human guise”, where the freedom of business and investment is accompanied by policies of employment and sustainable development, and, above all, we need capable and courageous economists able to provide politics with the tools necessary to put the economy back at people’s service. This is the Roosevelt Movement’s mission, which on 30th March will bring together in London authoritative international figures within the fields of politics and economy to discuss the subject in a free and courageous way.

See you all on Saturday 30th March (2.30pm to 8pm) at the Fyvie Hall at the University of Westminster, Regent Campus! Here’s the link to purchase a ticket: Or, drop us an email at

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