Guido Rossi to join the panel of “A Rooseveltian New Deal for Italy and Europe” – London, 30th March 2019

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Born in Orvieto in 1954, after various wanderings in different Italian towns, Guido Grossi finally arrived in Rome, where he completed his studies after graduating with the highest grade in Law with a thesis on popular engagement. Grossi worked from 1981 to 2007 in BNL, responsible for one of their central management structures. These are the years in which the banking system made the transition from public system, which financed families and companies, to a horrible private and international system whose intent was only to making money….with money. Fed up with this world, after denouncing abuses and renouncing lavish earnings, Grossi retired for two years to private life, spending his time studying international laws and treaties.

Once this sabbatical was over, Grossi gets back into the game by joining the world of charities, in an attempt to do concrete things to encourage change. First, Grossi collaborates with the Italian Red Cross, Legambiente and Libera; then, he becomes coordinator of the city assembly of Cittadinanzattiva. In 2013, Grossi attempts to climb to the highest office in the city of Spoleto: he is candidate for Mayor with the Five Star Movement. Grossi is the founder of the “Tallone d’Achille” blog on which he continues to fight his battles.

With the event “A Rooseveltian New Deal for Italy and Europe”, the Roosevelt Movement is gearing up to send a message to all European people: defend democratic institutions from the economic recipes of neo-liberalism, explaining to citizens that it is necessary that the economy returns to serve again the interests of the community. The economic paradigms proposed by the neo-liberal and neo-aristocratic media regime are seriously flawed; today, we need a “capitalism with a human guise”, where the freedom of business and investment is accompanied by policies of employment and sustainable development, and, above all, we need capable and courageous economists able to provide politics with the tools necessary to put the economy back at people’s service. This is the Roosevelt Movement’s mission, which on 30th March will bring together in London authoritative international figures within the fields of politics and economy to discuss the subject in a free and courageous way.

See you all on Saturday 30th March (2.30pm to 8pm) at the Fyvie Hall at the University of Westminster, Regent Campus! Here’s the link to purchase a ticket: Or, drop us an email at

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