The European Union and the geology at the age of Euro

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Just as the dynamics of earth plates lead to the formation of the crust of our planet making a puzzle in constant motion, so the tectonic of finance shifts inexorably vast continental areas to the depth of a great darkness, relentless action that aims to build a new geo-economy of the power, which is focused on the oppression of one continent on another, or, better to say, a group of people on another.

In nature this process takes place without interruption for long periods in relation to various factors normally linked to the resistance of the masses involved, as well as to the duration and intensity of the forces. This until the accumulated stress can no longer be absorbed and the system ends up collapsing, reacting to a condition which has become unbearable.

Dwelling on the similarities between that natural process and our status of citizens undergoing a slow process of economic and social subsidence by European autocrats is humiliating and pretty obvious Therefore I would like to focus on the reasons that contribute to the achievement of the above mentioned breaking point. The question I then ask myself isn’t related to when this dramatic event will happen, as it is obvious that it will come sooner or later, but rather how ‘spontaneous’ the process that is determining its approach is.

My question is born in the midst of a historical moment characterized by many contradictory aspects of contemporary economic and political life. On one hand the citizen is made to believe he can regain possession of the lost rights by simply yelling or sharing with others his disgust towards the implementation of oligarchic policies, and on the other hand super-millionaires technocrats barricaded themselves in the room of the power implementing a strategy of weakening the most basic rights to survival of entire populations, thanks also to their inability to translate with determination the common idea of opposition in a renewal action.

So I read various blogs / online sites stating the following:
1) After having opposed for years the possibility that a member state could leave the Eurosystem, Mario Draghi seems lately to have softened its hard-line stance by declaring that a nation can exit from the Euro, provided of course that it pays off its claims or amounts due to the ECB (with the arrogance of those who do not remember, or pretend not to remember that it is up to people to decide whether they want to use a currency or not)
2) it is more and more insistently stated that Italy is dramatically approaching a point of no return for the costs to be incurred for any Italexit, and that if you want to leave the euro this should be done immediately
3) since the release of a member state with a heavy debt situation would result in a distribution of the debt among the other remaining countries, there is who would hope for an immediate rush strategy, so to avoid to bear the burden of the debt share of exiting countries.

Regardless of the ownership of such statements and overlooking the evident state of hostility that animates the relations within the European Union, it seems quite evident the determination that leads the European ruling class to voluntarily create an irreversible crisis. And the ultimate goal of this practice, implemented paradoxically through the appeals to the “salvation” of those eurosceptics strongly opposing the current eurocratic regime, will be to legitimize speculators, banks, investors and States-masters to the predation of the carcass of a dying state, raiding primarily those much yearned for savings of Italians that Europe has tried by all means to bag without succeeding so far.

All this has suddenly rang a bell about a fact that happened in the late ’70s, if I am right, when an anonymous person called the local police station revealing the presence of a bomb in the premises and insisting that only the evacuation of the building would have saved the lives of soldiers… so it happened that after few minutes a bomb went off instead outside the station, killing most of those who came out to save themselves.

I wonder if in this chaotic historical moment, so tragic for our countries, we will be able to think with lucidity about those instances and distinguish the intentions of a mythomaniac populism from those of who spend his life to look for a truly democratic and innovative solution. The populations need progressive ideals of unity and participation, in opposition to the arrogant and unbearable philosophy of who commands a futureless Europe because shamelessly in favour of an idea of power that annihilates anyone undertakes with virtue the way of righteousness.

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