TRAME DI POTERE- Il Potere: come si forma e come si manifesta tra populismi e pensiero unico

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In un mondo sempre più complicato, post-democratico, in cui la realtà proposta dai media è costantemente in linea con le regole imposte dal mondo finanziario neoliberista ed in cui l’unica ‘resistenza’ viene da movimenti populisti che però mancano di strumenti di analisi adeguati e finiscono per proporre soluzioni involutive, Gioele Magaldi e Giulietto chiesa si […]

Free-masonry shocking book of the Italian Grand Master Gioele Magaldi: The discovery of the Ur-Lodges

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A book about Masonry published in November 2014 has become a best seller in Italy (*although traditional media is mostly indifferent). The title of the book is ‘Masons illimited responsibility company’ edited by Chiarelettere. The book was written by Gioele Magaldi who is an historian, a writer, a progressive free-mason and the founder of Grande […]

The reason why I wrote my book and gave birth to the Roosevelt Movement

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Along with Progressive Freemasons sisters and brothers of various planetary latitudes, we planned the book series Freemasons. An Unlimited Liability Company, for a very specific purpose. And that purpose is to offer a global awareness to humans of every corner of the terraqueous globe (the first volume of Freemasons, “The discovery of the Ur-Lodges”, was […]

About global terrorism, reactionary freemasonry, Paris, Bruxelles, Isis and the risks for Milan, Italy

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Brussels, Gioele Magaldi: “Isis? Just manual labour. Risks for Italy” Gioele Magaldi, the Grand Master of the Grande Oriente Democratico, analyses in an interview for the hidden significance of the Brussels attacks. – How should we interpret the tragic facts of Brussels? In the exact same way as Paris attacks on 7 January and […]