Wealth inequality and social media pessimism. How we forgot that we’re living the best era in history so far.

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  A few days ago Oxfam, the UK charity fighting global poverty, published a detailed report, which title soon reached global attention “An Economy for the 1%. How privilege and power in the economy drive extreme inequality and how this can be stopped”. In this sensational report Oxfam’s researchers prove that the global wealth is […]

The reason why I wrote my book and gave birth to the Roosevelt Movement

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Along with Progressive Freemasons sisters and brothers of various planetary latitudes, we planned the book series Freemasons. An Unlimited Liability Company, for a very specific purpose. And that purpose is to offer a global awareness to humans of every corner of the terraqueous globe (the first volume of Freemasons, “The discovery of the Ur-Lodges”, was […]


We view the old left and right wing denominations to be anachronistic; we prefer to define ourselves as a socio-liberal movement. We believe that people cannot be free, if not in a fair society that creates opportunities for all. There cannot be a just and fair society without making sure people are free to pursue […]


The Roosevelt Movement adopts a Keynesian view of economy. We believe prosperity can only be boosted by demand and widespread wellbeing. We believe it should be a constitutional right for everyone to have a job.


The Roosevelt Movement uses the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as the benchmark for all of our political activities. In a world where economics has become the main measurement for a country’s wealth, we need to bring people’s wellbeing back to the centre of politics.


The second half of the 20th century was characterised by the ambition to spread wealth and human rights beyond the National borders of European Countries. Nowadays, due to unsuccessful economic policies, we see an involution towards a conservative and egoistic worldview. The Roosevelt Movement believes that the most economically prosperous period in history, also saw serious […]


The Roosevelt Movement strongly believes that there is not better socio-cultural model than the European one. Nowadays, Europe is under threat of European technocrats trying to diminish both its appeal and power. We need to give people power over European politics- from within Europe.


Technology is the greatest asset we have to create a better society. Technology can be used to replace the labour force and to protect the environment by finding alternative power sources and production methods.  This is a great opportunity to reduce working hours, while doubling the number of jobs, and create a more sustainable world. […]