Come riunire ciò che è sparso

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Ad una settimana dall’evento che ha visto protagonisti Gioele Magaldi e Giulietto Chiesa alla London Metropolitan University, mi sento finalmente di fare delle valutazioni su come il Movimento Roosevelt deve procedere nel futuro. Il Movimento Roosevelt parla spesso del bisogno, urgente, di ‘riunire ciò che è sparso’. Non credo tutti però comprendano a fondo né […]

The Hanging Peace

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Wandering the web looking for articles and food for thought, it is harder and harder not to notice the level of concern that many voices, even authoritative, express regarding the growing investments in weapons that the biggest world’s States are carrying out, in a warlike escalation which has recently strengthened up to reaching a point […]

Wealth inequality and social media pessimism. How we forgot that we’re living the best era in history so far.

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  A few days ago Oxfam, the UK charity fighting global poverty, published a detailed report, which title soon reached global attention “An Economy for the 1%. How privilege and power in the economy drive extreme inequality and how this can be stopped”. In this sensational report Oxfam’s researchers prove that the global wealth is […]


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Public and private hospitals in Greece are struggling to deliver good quality health care after years of austerity measures and the ongoing financial crisis. Eva Karamanoli reports from Athens: Corridors overflowing with patients; doctors trying to take care of them under intense physical and psychological pressure; shortages of drugs, medical supplies, and equipment; nurses in […]